Life's Like That

Change and the unexpected are constant.

We as humans aren't comfortable with change, but it's a fact of life and more often than not we end up in a better place because of it.  Even when it's painful. It's life's way of correcting. At times it's in your control, at other times it's the decision of the unmerciful or gracious Universe. Everything happens for a reason.

I've had my share of painful change, but it seems the karma police have finally recognized I did my time. Lately, it's been change of the good kind. Change within my self, change in my home ownership status (almost), and coming soon, change in other areas of life. Change I have intentionally, consciously or not, instigated. If it is to be it's up to me.

It's the unexpected that has me troubled this week. It happens just about every day. It came in the form of illness on Tuesday that tested my strength in ways I haven't been challenged before. So I will spend the next few weeks visiting doctors to properly diagnose and treat me. Here's hoping this is all a formality to ensure 100% health. All this, on top of buying a house, my busy fourth quarter, during my favorite season and while I'm feeling great about life in general. Why now?

Because life's like that.


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