The One

I think I may have found it. Yes, it. Not him or her. I already found him, just waiting for him to open his eyes.

The "it" is my house. The one I intend to buy.

This is of course a totally emotional response, having just seen it this morning. But as of 10am everything else is dog shit in comparison. Even the really nice new homes. Yes. Even those.

Throughout this process I've learned a few things. First, I am not at the 2.5 kids + dog and family wagon stage of my life, as much as I would like to be. And buying a home in one such neighborhood won't make it so (even with the dog and family wagon already acquired). Second, I don't actually LIKE the homes in the aforementioned  neighborhoods. Zero character, which sadly, can also represent the people if you find the wrong neighborhood. Finally, location really does matter, as four miles can be an eternity.

So what did I find? Naturally, something right out of Bucks County magazine, the place where I grew up.

A word to parents. Do not spoil your children by raising them in uncommonly beautiful areas where restored 1800's farmhouses, in-town re-designed lofts and well-kept regal Victorians and quaint traditionals are the norm. It will seriously kill their joy in house hunting everywhere else in America, as I have learned.

Back to the house. It's a townhouse actually. A converted mill in the hearty heart heart of downtown Roswell. In an attempt to illustrate it's fabulousness which I will fail miserably at doing (as did the pictures they used)...wide plank wood floors from old mills, tin shingles for kitchen backsplash, heart of pine doors, exposed brick, 15-20ft ceilings (not even exaggerating), private brick and stone gated courtyards (two!) plus all the modern conveniences of granite, stainless and poured concrete flooring.

I. could. die.

It's of course inhabited by the architect and his partner who have it dressed to the nines, which certainly helps, but the bones are beautiful and I personally will take it a little softer and brighter.

Look at that. Subconscious slip of tense. As if I've already bought it. Wouldn't you?


  1. i always wanted a grand piano in my kitchen -dn


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