Sharpen Thy Pencil

What a weekend. I am still trying to catch my breath and understand exactly what has just transpired other than lots of sobbing and shock. It's a truly odd sensation to be so emotional yet so detached in a single moment.

Provided the bank also thinks this is a good idea, we will have our short sale home. We even got to keep the window treatments, which you will soon understand was critical to the point this deal could have been lost over curtains. Yes, curtains. But no (additional) pictures til it's mine.

Or maybe it's best to stay in this state as we aren't out of the woods yet. I certainly don't want to be using applications on the iPad like Living Room to plan my layouts, nor make lists of the new things I will need. Or tell Gizmo about the doggy door. Because that would be premature. Right.

Truth is,  I could be waiting for days, weeks, or months for the bank to approve, but for some reason I'm pretty optimistic on this point. It's the appraisal that has me worried given the state of the market. This home has a lot of intrinsic value that needs to be considered. If we could just go with Zillow I'd be thrilled. Actually, thrilled is not enough of a word -- let's try fantastically exuberantly elated -- because it would mean I robbed the bank.

In the meantime, I've been getting my proverbial ducks in a row, a saying I (interestingly enough) first learned when my parents were buying one of my childhood homes. Lots of spreadsheets and numbers, a true challenge for one who is in advertising not architecture due to lack of math skills. It is quite shocking to go from having one measly car payment a month to a mortgage and all that comes with it. Makes me want to vomit, actually. Everybody does it, that's what I keep telling myself.

Then I hear my mother saying, "if everybody jumped off a bridge would you too?"

But I want it. I mean, it's designed by the same architect that did The Mansion in Savannah, a place I have envisioned my future wedding occurring. That's no coincidence.

I know most of you have been through this, maybe a few times, so I am more than open to any advice, tips, pointers, or pills that will help me on this journey.

And your prayers to the home Gods are still very welcome.


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