Blew Me Away

I met the neurologist yesterday. Turns out, it's 85% likely that I am suffering from classic (also known as complex) migraines. Which means I experience a myriad of neurological symptoms along with the headache like lost vision, numbness, disorientation, and speech impediment. And there is no cure. Awesome.

I have no family history of migraines. I have never had one previously. I don't have any extremely stressful things happening in my life. So why now?

Because an idiot klutz.

Two months ago, I hit my head on a ceiling fan while attempting to clean a window over a bed. While it was on. High. It whacked me pretty good in the back of the head -- I was stunned, got a little dizzy and nauseaous, but then went on with my day.

Flash forward two months and here we are. Trauma-induced migrainous (it's a word) activity. Apparently these things take time to appear. So now it's on to an MRI -- one that has to be cleared with my insurance company -- to confirm this is in fact the case, and I'm not suffering from arterial tears, herniated discs, or a stroke which is unfortunately still on the table but quickly losing favor.

I will be hiring cleaning people.


  1. Migraines are bitches BUT there are quite efficient cures those days.
    hope they go away though

  2. Wow! At least there seems to be more definitive answers coming your way and you'll get a cleaning lady out of it. Now if they can just provide a miracle cure so it will go away :-)


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