Change of Pace

I spent the first half of my week exercising my brain and working to revolutionize the staffing world with a fabulous client. I've spent the latter half bruising my knees, making silly faces and giving raspberry's till my lips were numb, chasing my 11-month old niece around.

Both very busy but in very different ways.

It's Saturday, and I got up at 7:45. I don't think I got up this early all week, less flight days. I definitely don't do conference calls before 10am. But I had no problem waking to expend more energy in three hours than I do most days to play with her.

While my trip is short, and bundled with a conference in the city, it's a refreshing break from the adult world to cuddle and be silly with a precious little one. The perfect way to ease stress during this busy time of year.

And even though it meant juggling 100 balls and working after she went to bed last night in order to be here and spend some quality time, it was immediately all worth it when she climbed up on me and put her little head on my shoulder, ready for her morning nap.

She sleeps while I write. And it's all I can do to stop myself from waking her up to see her pretty smile.


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