Conservation Efforts

As a female, it's hard to believe this but I am really not a fan of shopping. Except in the case of essentials for things like groceries and household items. Why? Because I suffer from a terrible disease known as buyer's remorse.

Most people experience this emotion when purchasing big ticket items or things they simply don't need. Me? I regret $40 at Target on t-shirts, and then spend hours justifying it. It's truly ridiculous.

About two years ago, it took a turn for just plain crazy when I stopped buying things, period. I've maybe spent $1,000 on clothes -- total -- in two years. I haven't really bought any household items (outside of necessities) because I haven't owned a home. Needless to say, I have a lot of savings.

So last night, a new catalog came to the house and I found a few items I'd really like, and quite honestly at this point probably need. The idea of losing another 10 pounds to fit into old clothes (and thus a new wardrobe)  is the current Santa Clause in my life. I want to believe.

And so I struggle with should I or shouldn't I. I know it's ridiculous. So too is thinking the mortgage underwriter is going to think me irresponsible for buying $500 in clothing when I'm about to dump a truck full of dollars into a house.

That's the rub. I have ZERO concern about buying this house. The largest purchase I will have made in my life thus far. It's the things that go in it. Like, we've lived with one TV for two years, do we really need three just because we have the space?

Other than a sense of security I don't know where this desire to conserve come from. I suppose security might be enough. I've also learned that in not buying I truly don't need certain things, once a little time passes.

Overall I'm pleased I don't have the spending gene.

I just don't want to go so far that I end up wearing holey sweaters and smelling like cats in an effort to save money (when I don't have to).


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