The View from the Top

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in the North GA Mountains in a cabin rather appropriately named Seclusion. Which was exactly what I was looking for in this last minute weekend escape. One hour and three thousand worlds away.

We stopped at Food Lion (that's a grocery store) on the way in to pick up our essentials. There was a real live "it" in a rusted out pick-up in the parking lot. Full grown adult, sex still unknown. But definitely inbred. It was so cliche I almost didn't believe it. My first official inbred sighting. Seems there is some truth to that Deliverance movie.

I felt much better after we left town -- a town which makes Cumming feel like a booming metropolis full of highly cultured people -- and headed to our cabin. Steep, unpaved, one-lane mountain roads that wound all the up to the very top and end where our cabin sat...beautiful, new and perfect.

Just me, Scott and Gizmo. No internet access, very little phone access and not much TV either. We sat on the screen porch, talked, cooked, ate, napped, hot tubbed, and played games. In other words, we went BTWAT -- Before There Was Accessible Technology.  And it was awesome. I truly relaxed. I never realized how much "connectivity" stresses me out.

There was the potential for bear sightings and whacked out meth-head serial killers that had me a tad frightened. We were very much alone in the woods. If I screamed, someone might have heard me, but confronted with either of the aforementioned fears I'd most definitely lose that battle for life. Fortunately, neither made themselves known to us. Must have been our ferocious French Bulldog.

We explored the town of Blue Ridge -- a town I do recommend -- and gave Ellijay another shot, this time in the downtown historic area. Happy to report we did not encounter any more its. But Blue Ridge wins, more there, the shops are super cute and although we didn't eat there seemed to be quite a few eateries acceptable for foodies.

We attempted a festival in Cherry Log, but it was just a bunch of locals selling crap out of the back of their trucks. Sort of like a mobile yard sale.

More than anything, we just wanted to hang at the cabin, enjoy the mountain air and enjoy the silence.

On the way home we took a more scenic route -- highway 60 through the Chattahoochee National Forest. This was probably the highlight of my weekend. A meandering drive just going where the day takes you with several stops along the way. A short hike at the top of a peak, a festival (a real one this time) in Suches, panoramic views from Woody Gap and the Appalachian Trail.

We of course ended up back at our own little piece of paradise on the lake. And I decided to keep the BTWAT experience going. I had the best Sunday night sleep I have had in years.

There's probably a lesson in there somewhere. But I'm just going to enjoy it for what is was instead.


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