No Words

I've written this post a million times. While falling asleep in bed, on a plane, staring out my office window, sitting in get the idea. It was a little different every time but always naturally full of wit, my brand of sarcasm and of course charm. And yet now that it's time to actually post on this topic, my god-given ability to form sentences escapes me.

I'm marrying the love of my life. And I'm speechless.

Case in point, it's taken me almost a week to develop this post. My first attempt was everything you'd expect...from a drunken, squealing 22 year-old-bride . The second, a highly emotional entirely too personal tribute to my relationship. Neither would do justice, and now we're here which is more about my frustration with finding appropriate adjectives than the fact I'm getting married. Hello?!

How do people do this every day as if it's ordinary? I feel anything but! I am invincible, complete, elated, and just one personality shy of crazy. I'm incredibly blessed to have found my best friend, and myself through him. And he's going to marry me. Yes, marry me. There will always be someone who wants to have dinner with me, I don't have to worry about cutting the vines on the house by myself, and in my bed will be a warm and comforting presence with which I will fight with for blankets.


And I assure you, this will be forever because there is no other way. And people wonder why it took us so long to get here. Duh.

I simply cannot wait to marry this man. There isn't a single thing I fear. Except maybe the wedding itself, because really? I just want to be married. Like yesterday.

This year has been incredible. And it's only March. I had patience in my pursuit of the trifecta and holy shit it happened. Perhaps this is what has killed my mojo and created this writer's block -- I have nothing to bitch about (except Delta). I want for nothing, love for everything, and don't for a single minute take anything, especially those little things, for granted. There is most certainly something to be said for fate, faith and the power of positive thought.

And so this journey begins.Yippee!


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  2. Congratulations. You deserve all this wonderful news. My best to you and Scott.


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