The Things You Learn You Already Knew

With our nuptials just a few short weeks away, good friends of ours threw a party to celebrate our long-awaited union. All the usual suspects, lots of food and booze and the pre-requisite wedding games.

In this case, a loose version of the newlywed game due to the intoxication level of our guests at the point which the game was introduced. Our friends had to answer two questions...two about me, and two about Scott in the spirit of how we would answer these questions about each other. I'm sober and still confused, but everyone got it enough to make it entertaining.

Once Scott got the concept of reading the answers aloud -- with one eye shut to avoid seeing double -- the entertainment value was huge, with our friends knowing us quite well. Of course, it has been seven years.

Not only did we learn that our friends know us well, but I personally learned that everyone, with not a single exception, thinks I'm an OCD type-A personality fixated on cleaning and organization. Every. Single. Person. Answered that question the same way.

Is this true? Absolutely. But did I realize everyone knows me to be excessive in these categories specifically? Nope. My poor fiancé lives in a home where it's not just about keeping it clean but doing it the right way while living in fear of my tantrum when a glass is left on the counter. I wish I was exaggerating.

He loves me despite it, and while I know I won't change I at least, thanks to my friends, know the severity of my compulsion and can work toward learning to let it go. At it's dirtiest my home is cleaner than 99% of the population and I need to remember that. As well as the fact that it's not necessary to diagram the most efficient route around the house in order to put things away, or to strategically bag the groceries according to what goes where in the kitchen.

I will not, however, ever stop trying to beat my best time out of the airport in order to get home to my clean, organized house.

I am a maniac.


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