Trial Run

Our newest niece arrived today with ten toes, ten fingers, a button nose, and the same birthday as her Daddy. She's so beautiful, I cried when I held her. She rocks, and despite having seen several little ones I love come into the world at this point, this miracle never gets old.

But this isn't about the little bundle of love, this about the process that got us here.

Like clockwork. We got into town last night and by 4:30 today we had a baby. My sister is an expert baby deliverer -- probably 10 pushes COMBINED with her first and second pregnancy. This one came so fast the nurse delivered her. And when I got there, I swear my sister could have hopped out of bed and gone for a margarita. Seriously. And did I mention that were it not for her belly she wouldn't have even looked with child? I pray this is genetic.

While my sister was busy perfecting pregnancy, I kept the 19-month old Big Sister princess today, and got a real taste of parenthood with a full time job and two dogs. Holy hell it's hard. Naturally my phone was blowing up on the day off that I am solely responsible for the well being of a precious child, and my fiance headed off for a reunion leaving me to be single Aunt CeeCee.

But that wasn't even the hardest part -- I worked through that, she helped me respond to email. Monday should be fun. After we got home, with my hands full of grocery bags and baby, my dog escaped and went bat shit crazy around the neighborhood. Every one of my sister's neighbors just happened to be outside with their kids, watching me utterly fail. Mortified did not even begin to describe it.

And then not so much. After a stimulating episode of "Mouse" (Mickey Mouse Club for those of you who don't speak toddler) and a sippy cup of milk, we settled into bed. She reached her little arms and hugged me, as if to say "good job Aunt CeeCee". I kissed her pretty little head and she smiled at me, then squeezed her little eyes shut tight. Three minutes later, after singing goodnight to "MiMi and Dadda" she was asleep. I swear I'm not making this up.

I could have melted right there standing outside her door with the monitor in my hand. This is what they mean when they say it's all worth it. I would have to agree whole-heartedly, and I can't wait to do it again tomorrow (with no work and my fiance back).


  1. Simply Beautiful. You are great.
    NaNa Marsland


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