31 Pursuits...Revisited

Ah blogs...perpetual storybooks living on the web telling of who you were and what you did at that point in your life. I recently revisited Thirty One Pursuits. Many of you were with me on this journey, a journey that I defined through a list of "Thirty One Things to Do Before 32". It's how I started blogging. I wrote it during one of the most difficult years of my life, something not many readers knew at the time. I hated my job, despised myself, my relationship was ending, and nothing was as I expected it would be at the age of 31.

Here I am three years later, and my what a difference 1/3 of a decade can make. Or not. Several things on my original list are still incredibly relevant, and others not so much. So I decided to revisit it, and update my progress. Three years later.

1) Keep going to the gym:
THEN: There is no need. I have bouts of depression, work stress, man trouble and a red wine diet to keep me looking fabulous.
NOW: I can assure you three years makes a big difference to the body. No gym, but I am feverishly working my way through Exercise TV's repertoire of yoga and ab programs. Every. Single. Day.

2) Maintain stable frame of mind:
THEN: I get a medal for this--really, I do. Although I'm starting to think it's overrated and may just go absolutely ape shit on the first day of 33
NOW: They call me mellow yellow.

3) Keep in touch with family and friends:
THEN: Doing my best, doing my best. If anything I've realized how much they all mean to me and how lucky I am to have the people I do in my life. Especially the besties, and you know who you are. Thanks to all of you for being there for me.
NOW: I have no choice, I'm getting married in less than 30 days. I'm talking to everybody.

4) Choose my battles:
THEN: Admittedly was not very good at this when I started, but became aware of my desire to debate. Now, I think I'm picking too few...somewhere there is balance.
NOW: I am a master battle chooser. But still a debater, and Scott a debater hater.

5) Save more money:
THEN: I blame the economy and am currently waiting for my bailout.
NOW: I did, then I bought a house and planned a wedding. Back to square one.

6) Commit to using eye cream:
THEN: Why? Did I mention I'm hot?
NOW: Ditto.

7) Eat healthier:
THEN: There is absolutely nothing I can say about this--I tried. I failed. I don't smack down a bag a chips and don't really have an affinity for chocolate, so that's good enough in my book.
NOW: No carb diet six days a week with one cheat day. Wiser with age I suppose.

8) Thus, stop eating out so much:
THEN: Whatever. Not gonna happen in this lifetime.
NOW: Saturdays, and occasionally Fridays.

9) Potty train Gizmo:
THEN: I did this, again, with flying colors.
NOW: He has his own doggie door, no training required.

10) Relax:
THEN: I did learn to let go on some level and it did me a lot of good, really. By nature I feel I may be a little high strung, but they make drugs for that. Besides, keeps life interesting.
NOW: Define "relax", and use it in the context of my life.

11) Explore the possibilities:
THEN: I don't ever stop doing this. In hindsight it should have been "Explore the possibilities and take action." New goal for 33.
NOW: Sadly, I don't do this as often as I should. Maybe I'm more settled? Maybe I'm too busy? I need to keep a more open mind.

12) Start my book:
THEN: I did. It is going to be awesome...so long as I can get the people I am completely destroying to sign waivers.
NOW: What book? 

13) Remember everyone's birthday:
THEN: Facebook made this really easy.
NOW: I send cards, too.

14) Remember everyone's anniversary:
THEN: This was impossible from the get go, and I have no idea why it was important to me to even attempt this feat.
NOW:  I think I might have been bitter in 2008. 

15) Stop paying for convenience:
THEN: I ditched my cleaning people, but I can afford to valet my car, ship online buys and pay people to keep their mouths shut. Should be "stop paying for select conveniences".
NOW: I still don't have a cleaning lady, and yet 2,500 more square footage.

16) Do my own taxes:
THEN: Did it, and doing it again.
NOW: Still going.  

17) Plant flowers in the springtime:
THEN: Did it, not doing it this year.
NOW: I don't mow grass, I trim vines. And I have exactly 14 pots currently planted, some twice.

18) Read at least 18 books:
THEN: It may have done me some good to have a few self-help titles on this list.
NOW: I really, really, really, miss reading.

19) Cut down on travel for work:
THEN: Done. Case closed.
NOW: Not so much. It's why I miss reading.

20) See a dermatologist:
THEN: Looking forward to getting my ass slapped again in a few weeks.
NOW: New doctor!

21) Find a better dentist:
THEN: When all was said and done it cost me $1,200 to make this happen. That said, I had a few of the best hours of my life upside down and stupid.
NOW: Currently 6 months overdue for my appointment.

22) Try not to be sick:
THEN: Someday. I'm holding out for the wonder drug.
NOW: I was obviously mentally ill but it was manifesting as physical illness. Just a few minor inconveniences here and there.

23) Have more girl time:
THEN: Lots of it! I love my girls, they are amazing people--and they are the inspiration for my next adventure.
NOW: I don't have time to pee.

24) Learn to make a mean vodka sauce:
THEN: De-lish.
NOW: It's still de-lish.

25) Get engaged (or become single):
THEN: ha. Ha. ha Ha HA HA HA HA! "It's complicated."
NOW: Game over, I won. Ring on finger, wedding date set. Now he just has to walk down the aisle. 

26) Master the social networks:
THEN: Facebook addict.
NOW: Make it stop. All of it. 

27) Celebrate my sister's wedding:
THEN: It was lovely.
NOW: Celebrate my wedding.

28) Have more me time:
THEN: Too much "me" time can lead to insanity. Living in your head is no fun. But I do know myself REALLY well these days. Courtney, Jancie, Elise, Barbara, Billy. We're all one big happy family.
NOW: See #23.

29) Stop biting my nails:
THEN: I fell off the wagon a week ago, but I'm getting a manicure today. Give me a week, I'll be golden.
NOW: I am so bad at this. Desperately seeking growth over the skin prior to October 1.

30) Buy a house:
THEN: Sold a house.
NOW: Bought my DREAM house.

31) Understand and embrace how fortunate I really am: Above all, this I have accomplished. It's about the little things, and appreciating what's happening at this very minute. There is always going to be something bigger, better, newer, richer, and so on...so what does it matter? Appreciate the life you have and be happy with what is right in front of you. What is most difficult for this girl is making other people see this for themselves--I hope someday everyone finds this peace.
NOW: I couldn't have said it any better then or now. 


  1. You really must rethink the book idea. I will buy autograph copies only.


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